Seeking to empower students through yoga and mindfulness 


 In my previous incarnation as a pharmacist I began asking myself more often, "There has to be something more than this, right?." Passion was a foreign word to me before I found yoga. It was only after I dove into the practice that I started to understand the embodiment of passion. Through the yoga practice I have found that experiences, travel, and the journey to constantly seek truth and authenticity are much more valuable to me than material items or popularity. I am so grateful, lucky, and love that I get to share what I am passionate about with souls who are willing to share their time and energy with me. I seek to help empower students through the practice of yoga, movement, meditation and mindfulness. Yoga is a worldwide community with so many different modalities of self expression and self exploration! It is a practice that can lead us so many places and I would love to share in your journey.  




“Be a lamp to yourself. Be your own confidence. Hold on to the truth within yourself as to the only truth.” ~ Buddha

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Photo by Virgin Aperture Photography. Edited by Kristina Kashtanova.